Our Pastors

Oladapo Oyewole


Pastor Dapo Oyewole is a visionary leader, an encourager, a practical teacher, a much-disciplined man of God who believes steadfastly in the power of prayer, praise, holiness, and purposeful living. His famous phrase “All is well”, describes our pastors perspective to life. He believes that challenges are stepping-stones to greater victories.

Pastor Dapo is passionate about building, mentoring, and helping people find, and thrive in their life’s purpose. Through his practical sermons, Pastor Dapo brings biblical stories and characters to life, and continually reaffirms the fact that holiness is possible.

Pastor Dapo began his early life in Nigeria. He is a trained accountant and worked as a banker in Lagos, Nigeria, before his move to the United States. Pastor Dapo served in various RCCG churches here in the United States, and abroad before he became the founding pastor of house of praise Baltimore in the year 2001. He is the coordinating pastor of MD 1 of RCCGNA here in Maryland USA.

Pastor Dapo is happily married to Pastor Lade Oyewole and they are blessed with wonderful children.

Omolade Oyewole


Pastor Lade is approachable, loving, and caring. She is passionate about children, teens, young people and especially women. Pastor Lade offers a judgment free, kind, down – to – earth – deeply genuine approach that is rare and very refreshing.
She is a worshipper, and a woman of prayer. Pastor Lade mentors young people. Everything from juggling life as a career mom, wading through a stormy marriage, to waiting for or choosing a life partner, Pastor Lade is always there to listen, to guide, and to counsel. She believes resolutely that women are homebuilders and are capable of positively transforming their lives and lives around them.
Pastor Lade is happily married to Pastor Dapo. She is a joyful mother and mentor. She enjoys singing and worshipping God. In her spare time she can be caught spending time with family, reading a book, or baking brioche.

Olayinka Olasimbo


Pastor Olasimbo is one of our pastors in House of Praise Baltimore. He is a medical doctor by profession. He began his career in Nigeria, and currently runs a medical practice in Nigeria and in the U.S.

Pastor Olayinka Olasimbo is a loving husband to Dr. Mrs. Yewande Olasimbo, and is a father of three wonderful children.
He is passionate about being a role model to fathers and husbands.