Women of Praise

“Women of Praise” is the ministry for married women in House of Praise Baltimore. Our vision is to raise Godly women, virtuous wives, loving mothers, home builders, and wise individuals equipped to excel in all things through grace and strength from God.
Through our various yearly programs like our conferences, prayer meetings, breakfast meetings, and group fellowship, we encourage and challenge each other to become better wives, mothers, homebuilders, prayer warriors, and individuals.
Due to the gift of a large population, the ministry is divided up into smaller groups to foster better interaction and camaraderie. The groups hold meetings and prayers on various schedules. We share our successes; celebrate with each other, older women guide and mentor the younger ones using the bible as our manual.
The ministry is not restricted by age. Women of any age can join. We meet every second Sunday of the month immediately after church service to pray. We have sub-groups for all our women and each subgroup also meets on conference lines. Please join us as we prayer.

If you do not belong to a sub-group, or will like to learn more about the Women of Praise, Please contact Deacns. Mkpoku (443-226-5098).